Started in the Bronx, NY

Mdolla The Don formally known as Mr.Brick$ was Born On September 10, 1987. He was born and Raised in the South Bronx Forest Houses. He is more than just a rapper he is a hip hop artist who can adapt to any musical situation. His Music tells a story of his life struggles yet it doesn’t show despair but strength. At this point in Mdolla's career his focus is promoting his mixtapes starting from the most recent "Born A Hustler" released in 2016 and "The Difference" released in Sept 2015 to older ones such as "I'll Eat Ya Fame" which was released Sept 2014 and "Purpose of a Dolla" from Sept 2013 which was actually Mdolla's first mixtape under his current name "Mdolla The Don". Mdolla will be re-releasing the most popular tracks as singles so they can get the attention they deserve. He also has up and coming shows and interviews to get his fan base where it needs to be. Through it all Mdolla is still in the studio setting up for his next mixtape "Boss Life" and singles for 2017 the streets will not be disappointed. 

Mdolla The Don did not have it easy growing up In Forest houses. He seen and experienced so much as a child which led him to grow up so quickly, from street violence to selling drugs, by the age of 14 the streets had him. In 2003 Mdolla was arrested for a violent crime but was realeased on bail. Mdolla was still so caught up in the streets that he didn't learn his lesson so to make matters worst Mdolla got arrested again for possession of a fire arm and was now sent to DFY which is a juvenile detention facility. While he continued to face a felony by 2004 He was sentenced to finish his time for possession of a fire arm (A felony) on Rikers Island. Those thinking this was going to make him worst were wrong. Mdolla being away from his neighborhood actually helped him get focused in many ways he decided to start letting out his anger in a more positive way "Writing" he also received his General education diploma. Released back to forest houses in March of 2005 he was trying to focus on his music but it was difficult, now being  17 with a felony, no job, no money and having to feel like he had to depend on people who were barely there his whole life so he went back to the corner life. By 2006 Mdolla was a dad trying to pull himself away from the street life by working his first real job and writing rhymes every night but the struggle hit once more now having to support his girlfriend and daughter he would do anything. 

In 2007 through all of life's obstacles Mdolla was able to officially become Mr.Brick$ the artist creating his first mixtape "Get With The Program" but sadly to say it was never really promoted. This is due to Mdolla (Mr.Brick$) having other endeavors outside being a solo artist. That was the making of "Team Green" which was officially created in 2008. This rap group consisted of 3 cousins Mr.Brick$(Mdolla The Don), Bylee now known as Leezy The Don of BFD and Bdot Webb now known as Bdot of 7K. "Team Green" had a good run they did 1 mixtape titled "It's bout money" and did several Showcases with "The Buzz" which they won. Mdolla's time with the group was shortly lived by the end of 2010 "Team Green" seem to no longer be a trio but instead a duo. Rumor has it that it was because of Mdolla's new location which was out of Forest Houses while others say it was male egos but until this day no one really knows why this group started to split. In mid-2011 Team Green was a distant memory but honestly how could the group have ever  lasted without their 3rd. Still these 3 talented men are amazing but together they were unstoppable and the streets are still clamoring for a "Team Green" Reunion maybe one day they'll get what they want. By 2012 "Mr.Brick$" was now "Mdolla The Don", "Bylee" was Leezy The Don and "Bdot Web" was just "Bdot" now all solo artist still continuing to work together doing features under "Black Fresh Dons" "BFD" a label representing the passing of their brothers. That summer Mdolla formally known as Mr.Brick$ released a single with a video called "Streets I Came From" this song was an absolute hit along with the video that was shot in Forest Houses with all of his street family you can even spot his mom and children in the video. Mdolla decided to officially leave BFD in 2013 which was now Leezy's label and Created "Hunger Era" which had Mdolla and K.A.P, Jay Oval as the manager. On March 21, 2013 Mdolla did his first solo performance under his new name at a release party hosted by Hank Pinckney In Washington Heights a spot called the "Skyline lounge" Mdolla performed the 2012 summer hit "Streets I Came From". Mdolla who was now fully embracing his solo career released "Purpose of a dolla". Sept 10, 2013. Mdolla Continued to do showcases and videos to promote his new mixtape and Hunger Era (Mdolla, K.A.P and Jay Oval as manager). Also Mdolla still having a great business relationship with Henry Pinckney started doing several showcases and contest hosted by him for instance the 2014 "Welcome To Swagger Land" showcase. Throughout this time of doing shows, videos and promoting Mdolla never took time off from the studio. He dropped "I'll Eat Ya Fame" September 25, 2014. Mdolla who had been having issues with Jay Oval his manager and longtime friend, finally decides to make a tough decision in November 2014 and that is to go forward without management. 

During 2017 Mdolla is still in the studio and doing videos and features but took a break from shows. He Just Recently released "Born A Hustler" July 11, 2016. This is the mixtape he is currently promoting while preparing for his 2018 Mixtape "Staying True". This Year Mdolla is weighing management options while deciding that it's time for The Don to get back to the fans by coming out the booth a bit and hitting the streets doing events, interviews, etc...